Books Written by NFA Staff
  1. Violence Goes to School
    Violence Goes to School
    By John Nicoletti Ph.D. & Sally Spencer-Thomas, Psy.D. Violence Goes to School examines both the why and the now what of schoolplace violence. The authors, consultants on the front lines of the Columbine tragedy, give readers a comprehensive overview of the trend of schoolplace violence in America; its effects on our culture, schools, and children; key aspects of prevention; and important strategies for action in the event of a violent incident.
  2. Violence Goes to College
    Violence Goes to College
    By John Nicoletti, Sally Spencer-Thomas, & Christopher Bollinger This book examines violence on college campuses. Since the first edition was published, major violence has redefined the landscape, most notably the experiences of 9/11 and the tragedy of the Virginia Tech Massacre. On the positive side, great strides have been made in understanding violence and how to prevent, interrupt, and respond to both internal and external threats.
  3. Trauma Recovery Handbook
    Trauma Recovery Handbook
    By Charlene Slover & Debra Tasci Trauma Recovery Handbook, 2nd Edition, is an indispensable and easy to read guide for yourself or someone you care about who has survived a traumatic event. Insightful and direct, this guide helps make sense of a wide range of traumatic experiences from the mild to severe, and identifies warning signs and symptoms left in the wake of trauma and prepares you to begin the road toward recovery and healing.
  4. Violence Goes to the Internet
    Violence Goes to the Internet
    By Evan Axelrod, Psy.D., ABPP This book provides the reader with an understanding of the Internet and its' potential dangers. The book identifies different types of violence and crime that may be encountered on the Internet, examining it and placing it in the context of how that violence manifests itself in the physical world. Readers will then be able to detect interpersonal violence and crime on the Internet and take the necessary steps to insulate and defend oneself from would-be cyber predators.
  5. Emptying the Bucket
    Emptying the Bucket
    By Evan Axelrod, Psy.D., ABPP The purpose of this book is to help people understand what stress is, what it does, what impact it can have on them, and what we can do about it. The ability to manage stress effectively is the cornerstone of feeling better, being healthier, and addressing a variety of health issues, both mental and physical, this book will review numerous techniques for managing stress and trauma in an effort to help people become more effective at emptying their buckets.
  6. Zombies, Divorce, & the Internet
    Zombies, Divorce, & the Internet
    By Evan Axelrod, Psy.D., ABPP This volume is a collection of work spanning the last 20 years, broken down into ten sections, each focusing on a specific domain of psychology. Topics include: The Psychology of Zombies, Violence on the Internet, Public Safety Psychology, Stress, Trauma and Crisis Intervention, Criminology, Divorce and Family Conflict, Theories of Personality, Memory and Intelligence, Psychological Treatment, and Social Psychology.
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