Extreme work environments and extreme assignments call for exceptional personnel. Nicoletti-Flater Associates provides numerous support and screening services for employers of high-risk occupations. Extreme conditions may contribute to the experience of symptoms and/or disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder, Depression, alcohol abuse, aggressive behavior and inappropriate interpersonal skills. Employees working in such extreme environments may have to endure the following:

  • Significant isolation.
  • Extreme temperature and weather conditions.
  • Limited access to resources.
  •  Duties that are high risk for injury or death.
  • Work demands necessitating precision in judgment and focus.
  • Extremely high-stress work conditions.

Specifically, Nicoletti-Flater Associates provides services to employees in places such as Antarctica and Alice Springs, Australia, working with international entities such as Raytheon and the National Science Foundation. N-FA can pre-screen potential hires stateside and on site, and has conducted evaluations in Antarctica at McMurdo Base and the South Pole Station, and in Christ Church, New Zealand. In addition, N-FA provides on-site trauma intervention or seasonal debriefings and on-going crisis counseling via video teleconferencing and e-mail.  Recently, Dr. John Nicoletti has also been asked by NASA to assist in their space exploration program. 

Specific Services Provided:
The following services can be provided in a number of different ways: pre-deployment face-to-face assessment, on-site face-to-face assessment, on-site consultation and debriefing, and remote video teleconference or email communication.

Predeployment selection is conducted by qualified mental health professionals who specialize in areas of high-risk occupations. The selection process consists of psychological questionnaires and standardized tests, an interview, and historical analysis.

Nicoletti-Flater Associates offers both on-site and remote debriefing options for employees who have just completed a particular assignment or difficult experience. The primary goal of this type of intervention is to help employees acculturate back to their “normal” day-to-day life.

Nicoletti-Flater Associates supports employers with ongoing consultation during crises. Additionally, N-FA works with forming and supporting localized peer support teams, through conducting on-site training and ongoing remote consultation throughout an entire season.