Physical Security Assessments

As physical security programs evolve from reactive (guards and guns) to proactive (assessments and measurements), organizations must continually re-examine the value and objectives of their existing security programs and/or systems. Gathering information and staying abreast of technological and investigative advances is a daunting responsibility, making management of such programs an essential skill. 
Physical security assessments include evaluations of security requirements, including threats and vulnerabilities, policies and procedures, personnel response, mechanical and electronic security measures, access control, and employment of closed circuit television, alarm systems, and other measures necessary to ensure detection, assessment, response, delay, and neutralization of potential adversaries. Vulnerabilities and associated risks are identified, and recommended responses are selected, such as improvements to facilities, equipment, personnel, policies, and procedures.
Ultimately, this assessment provides a risk management view of the employer’s vulnerabilities. Nicoletti-Flater Associates can assist property owners and company leaders to define physical security requirements and specify security solutions. We can provide a customized implementation plan to address in-depth physical security solutions.