Preemployment Screenings

One of the areas that Nicoletti-Flater Associates specializes in is preemployment screenings for public safety agencies, government agencies, and corporations. N-FA works with law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and organizations across the State of Colorado, as well as nationally and internationally.
At N-FA we realize that for an organization to be successful, productive, and stable, they need to be able to adequately screen potential employees in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our highly trained staff use the most current pre-employment evaluation techniques based on empirical research, the International Association of Chief’s of Police (IACP) Pre-Employment Screening Guidelines, the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines and other applicable state and federal laws. We also offer unparalleled service in terms of professionalism, quality of product, customer service, and turn-around time.
Nicoletti-Flater Associates pre-employment screening consists of the following:
  • An in-depth interview with a qualified clinician
  • A battery of questionnaires and standardized tests
  • A concise report of findings with recommendations
Nicoletti-Flater Associates offers a variety of standardized and customizable pre-employment screening options depending on a department/agency’s needs. In general, we offer three types of screenings:
Pre-Conditional Suitability Screenings
Suitability screenings occur at the initial stage of the hiring process. This type of evaluation assesses a prospective hire’s personality factors as they are relevant to their suitability for working in a position of public safety and do not address any psychological and/or medical problems or concerns. The suitability interview does not address any information that would be covered under the American’s with Disability Act.
Post-Conditional Psychological Screenings
Psychological screenings occur at the final stage of the hiring process. These tests assess personality factors relevant to an individual’s fitness for working in a position of public safety as well as their current level of emotional stability and psychological functioning. This type of screening may be of particular use to agencies and organizations not related to public safety.
Two-Stage Screenings
Although many departments/organizations will only conduct a suitability screening, many departments/organizations choose to do a second-stage, post-conditional offer, psychological evaluation as well. This maximizes the amount of screening data that departments/organizations may utilize in making important hiring decisions as applicants are screened for both suitability and fitness.