Workplace Violence Prevention/

In recent years, incidents of workplace violence have become increasingly prevalent in both the private and public sectors and no workplace can consider itself immune.  Responsible organizations are now taking proactive steps to formally establish a position against violence in the workplace and are also making efforts to maintain a work environment free from intimidation, threats, and violent acts. Part of that process is to establish a Workplace Violence Prevention Program.  Dr. John Nicoletti and N-FA expertly trained staff have worked with a number of organizations around the country to develop a program that meets the needs of their workplace.  Typically, part of the program includes the development of a Threat Assessment Team (TAT), which is tasked with:

  • Outlining the organization's policy against workplace violence
  • Defining disruptive behaviors
  • Identifying proper procedure for reporting any direct or indirect threats and/or any behaviors that are perceived as intimidating, violent, or otherwise in violation of the organization's workplace violence policy.  

Additionally, a Workplace Violence Prevention Program includes the development of a manual, which is available to all employees and includes, in part:

  • The organization's Workplace Violence Prevention Policy
  • An outline of the responsibilities of all members of the organization
  • A summary of the warning signs of potentially disruptive behaviors
  • The protocol for reporting disruptive behaviors
  • Steps the TAT will take once they have been activated

This is a large and important undertaking and N-FA encourages all organizations to seek consultation with experts on workplace violence prevention to ensure that the policy being developed will meet the needs of their employees and clients.